Elie Bourgely, a Lebanese artist born in 1960, known for his ability to experiment with a broad range of materials he collects from various locations such as the streets and forests. His vast experience allows him to assemble these random materials into an innovative piece of art. 

Elie’s work is a reflection of several thoughts and ideas that are often complex formulas that he is struggling to solve or understand. “My art is therapy for memory, it awakens the deep hidden secrets that our mind struggles to hide.” 

Bourgely creates his art by building symbols. He leaves personal traces behind by gluing sheets of paper or cloth, stones, sand and useless pieces of furniture to his canvas. 

In 1982 Bourgely received a diploma in drawing and painting from the National Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese University, Beirut - Lebanon. He further pursued his studies in Plastic Arts in Paris, France. Elie then attained his doctoral studies in Art History followed by a post-graduate diploma (DEA) in Art History (Paris IV University – Sorbonne, Paris – France). 

Since 1998 Elie has been teaching Art History and Multimedia, at the Antonine University, Lebanon and has been a teacher at the National Institute of Fine Arts, Lebanese Univerity, Lebanon, where he also held the position of Head of the Plastic Arts Section 2.
2014   "Maraud'Art"- Janine Rubeiz Gallery, Beirut - Lebanon
2014   "memoria 75"- Institut Français, Beirut - Lebanon
2008   « Thot’Thèmes » - French Cultural Center, Beirut-Lebanon
2001   « Revoir l’autrecôté » - UNESCO Palace, Beirut - Lebanon
1992   « Pupilles » - ARVER SPACE Gallery, Paris - France
1989   « Détails » - ORVIF, Gentilly - France
1988   Petit Mouff, Paris - France
1987   Galerie des Rencontres, Namur - Belgium
1986   Bernanos Gallery, Paris - France
2011   « Traits d’union - Paris et l’Art Contemporain Arabe » - Villa Emerige - Paris - France
2007   « Algériecapitaleculturelle » - Alger - Algeria
2006   Expo Doha - Qatar 2004 Lebanon, the Artist’s View II 1975-2004, Cork Street Gallery (Mayfair), London - UK
2001   Biennial event ; Charja - UAE « Nawwar », exhibition at USEK, Kaslik - Lebanon
2000   1st exhibition coup de cœur at UNESCO, Beirut - Lebanon
1998   8th Biennial Event, Gentilly - France
1997   Exhibition of Miniatures, Dar Moukhtaraat, Zalka - Lebanon
1996   « North-South Nostalgia », modern essays, French Cultural Center, Beirut - Lebanon
1995   7th Biennial Event, Gentilly – France Exhibition of Group MASSART in « la Condition des Soies », Lyon – France Exhibition of Group MASSART at the National Institute of Telecommunication, Evry - France Exhibition at Dar Al Nadwa, Beirut - Lebanon
1993   Exhibition of Gentilly Artists at Freiberg - Germany