The Free Library @ Anima Gallery
The Free Library @ Anima Gallery
Big talk, small talk (solo) @ Anima Gallery, Qatar, from 2/06 to 31/07/2012

'Big Talk, small talk' art exhibition begins.


DOHA AN art exhibition featuring exclusive paintings and sculptures of three artists opened at the Anima Gallery, the Pearl, on Saturday. The expo called 'Big Talk, small talk' features works of Lebanese-French artist Elie Bourgely, Lebanese artist Jean-Marc Nahas and French artist Mayak. 

To conclude on July 31, the expo reflects Elie's memory lane and inner dialogue, Jean- Marc's revolt against social and political injustices and Mayak's complex and intertwined human links. 

The painting and sculptures tell the story of humanity from within. 

The price of their works ranges from QR20,000 to QR100,000. 

Speaking at a press conference, the artists explained at length their works. 

Jean-Marc paintings showcase faces and expressions they wear. Among the paintings are of women in fear, warring women and women in black veils done on acrylic on canvas. 

They show women in fear, tears rolling down their cheeks and hands lifted up. 

The revolution of a whole nation springs out of a single face. 

"I paint determination and struggle. The gesture of each line is held as a shield against oppression in contrast to freedom. My paintings are universal. Pain is human but we continue to laugh. In this journey of faces, I long for humanity, I ask for justice, through a spectrum of colours and the stroke of the brush," he said. 

The works of Elie are done using mix media. Among them are the chair, the carpet and waiting done with mix media on wood. Black is apple which is mix media on canvas, besides others. 

"My work is all about traces that we leave every day in our daily lives at home, at work and we can't see it. I construct a small building out of memory. 

Unveiling the memory can be the memory's therapy. It is kind of destruction through art, forgetting for a second, major 'question', nostalgia for what is true and genuine. Art revives this memory and transforms itself into an escape route for everything tragic and painful," he said. 

Mayak's works done on acrylic on canvas showcase the world of childhood as contrasted with the world of adulthood. The work creates a dialogue between the two stages and paints the link between the two as a flow from within. The paintings displaying multiplication of faces linked and clustered over each other holds within it a dimension acquired from ancestors and genetic legacy. 

"My muse is the relationship between the human with himself and others, this is a fascination I project through my paintings. My works are a dialogue between my inner self and the surroundings," he said. 

Commenting on the expo, the gallery's Manager Delphine Meaux said, "Through this expo we wanted to be more contemporary and to connect. We are happy to exhibit upcoming and wellknown artists in our gallery. 

The artists are linked and the exhibition is harmonious." 

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